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You just need seven musical
notes to create endless melodies;
in perfumery, with over one thousand olfactory notes, you can create endless combinations and fragrances

Cherry Blossoms

Our Story

CREASENS Israel is part of the global CREASENS group that has been manufacturing perfumes for over 60 years. We develop and manufacture tens of thousands of perfume and fragrance extracts for our various customers in various industries, and you will find our fragrance extracts in the products of the leading companies in space perfuming, toiletries, cleaning and detergent industries, wipes and cosmetics in over 50 countries.


Global deployment with production sites in Italy, France, Dubai and Israel, allows us to connect to the most current trends in the world of fragrances. Our strength is the balance between creativity, service, experience, technology and science to adapt perfumes to customer needs.


We invite you to join us in building a unique and tailored scent experience just for your brand - which will leave an unforgettable memory for you and your customers.

Our Story
Our Products

Our Products

Our Strengths

Quality Control

At Creasens, we consider quality a top value. At all stages of production, we perform strict quality control by advanced machineries in our laboratories to achieve perfect accuracy and consistency in every odor extract that comes out of our factory.

Safety and Regulation

Our extracts are accompanied by the required documents, in accordance with the strict safety requirements, and the rules of European standards. We strictly adhere to IFRA and REACH guidelines, and the marking requirements are in accordance with CLP. Regulatory changes, which occur in the field of perfume extracts, are automatically updated in our computerized regulatory systems, and we implement them in advance while developing our perfume extracts.

Custom Solutions

Characterizing and building the most appropriate scent for your brand is what we do best. We at CREASENS know how to adapt the scent to the type of product and make the best fit of our formulas for a variety of uses and industries.


Challenges for us are an opportunity to explore and discover new ways in which we can provide original scent solutions to our customers. We are constantly learning trends and innovations in the world of scent and incorporate groundbreaking technologies to produce the special scent experience for our customers.

Our Strengths
Research and Development

Research and Development

We are constantly researching new raw materials so that we can continue to create fragrances that express emotion and leave a unique memory. Our marketing department analyzes the latest changes in the evolving fragrance market, So we are always up to date with the latest trends, and we can offer new fragrance combinations that will give a unique character to your brand.



Hayotser 2 st, Ashdod

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